The Xanthophyll Cycle in Photosystem II

Monday, 26 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday: Back in London!

Bank holidays are always fun, or relaxing at least J

So today, me and my family went to a Chinese restaurant to eat and then had casual shop around Sheffield town centre, before I got on the train back to London! In ways it is always sad departing from loved ones, but London just offers more excitement for my outgoing nature so I’m always happy to go back. I think if I could drive, Sheffield would be a fun place too as I could visit all my friends easily, but London has the fast connection of the tube, so I can get anywhere practically J Plus the boyfriend to drive you around is a bonus as well ^_^

Anyways~ finally back and its around 7pm, I’ve started reading up on the chapters that my supervisor suggested. It’s really cool as he has written a book which is so condense and references many papers, it makes his research area sort of like a walk through.

Ruban's photosynthetic membrane book, just making notes on each page to help me further understand. Alot of the time in science there are words which confuse me so I always need to find out the definition or action of a certain pigment I'm reading about. I like to have the generalise view.
This is what my supervisor sent me, it's basically what I will be doing for the 8 weeks! OOOH excitment ^_^
Here is the experimental protocol, reading up on it so I know what I need to do tomorrow! I hate the feeling of not knowing the next share and uncertainty when following instructions for an experiment. Need to know everything before hand!
My first year lab book, we did a lot of practicals in first year and I wrote alot of notes on how to use micro pipettes, centrifuges and do calculations. All which are essential lab skills ^_^
My amazing corner study desk~ where all the geeking out happens :D Really into spacing saving designs, so this corner desk is just amazing !

Although, because I am mainly a Medical Geneticist, and my degree consist more of biology/ biomedical related modules than biochemistry, this research project I will have to read up extra on, as it is in a different field to mine. To be honest I was really considering to do biochemistry, as I enjoy remembering the pathways, different mechanisms…I love learning pattern. Lots of people told me to not do biochemistry because it’s boring and it’s all about remember all the long amino acids name and structures, so I didn’t. Little did I realise that when I did do my biochemistry modules in first year, I actually loved all the shizzle that people said were boring. Life lesson learnt never listen to others and follow your heart J In ways Medical geneticist offered a better degree in a sense if I decided to do medical research (which I do quite enjoy reading up on) or decide for graduate entry for Dentistry/Medicine/ Veterinary… it’s just good to keep options open, uncase I do change or discover my new passions for areas J Also, genetics is the fundamental science of life really, it what makes us all unique, so I do enjoy it!
Yeah, so I’ve been basically reading up on the chapters and relevant papers he has suggested. Although, personally I find it quite hard to see how they are relevant. Tomorrow is my first day in the lab so I’ll see how it all shall link. For me I always believe it’s easier to see how things relate in content than reading in book. Once I can see the link it all goes in and it’s easier to logically think about~

So why everyone is having those bank holiday Monday raves! I’m inside reading all this, it’s like exams all over again! Hahah, joke really. This is nothing like exams as there is no pressure of actually sitting an exam. I actually really enjoy learning, especially because this is area which is different to my actual degree. I’ve never learnt about photosynthesis in this depth before J People say to me omg you don’t get a break after exams, which is crazy! But I prefer life to be like this. I don’t really like sitting in my room all day and doing nothing. I actually like doing something, a mix of things, variety. My studentship was actually meant to start 2 weeks after my final exam but I decide to pull it forward to straight after my exams! It’s better to get started early, especially because I am eager. Also, I have a third year project to start as well after my studentship, on something different maybe… Ruban said we can decide that later on anways~

Super excited for tomorrow J Even though it’s an 9am start and that involves me going underground for 30minutes, which is quite depressing in the mornings, but I’ve gotten use to it now I’ve been in London for 2 years ! 

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