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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Browsing at the science museum

This little blog entry will be about the innovative products which I merrily discovered in the science museum.

I love the science museum in South Kensington. It's actually the museum connected and really close to my boyfriend's university, Imperial College London. So I'm always in there or end up taking a friend coming down to London for the day :)

Anyways was waiting for a friend this saturday as we planned to meet for dim sum in South Kensington. She was late so I just wondered into the science museum browsing the shop. There's always cool gimmicks to be found there! Here are the few things I thought were very querky and innovative; products that really caught my attention!

It's a 3 in 1! Chopsticks, fork, knife. This is such a brilliant idea, as many students in the U.K who are constantly saving. Especially with the cost of living as a London student. I'm always trying my best to pack lunch! Something like this would mean I wouldn't have to bring separate metal knifes and fork for when I make salads, sushi, noodles etc. I'm always loving the idea of compact travel items ;)

Another innovative packed lunch product. Brighten up any plain drinking water with a zing of citrus. Citrus fruits being rich in vitamin C, benefits such as strengthen bones and antioxidants; helping you to reduce the development of cancers and certain disease. A good source of nutrients such as fibre and calcium! :)

Think this lunchbox is designed by the same company as the two products above. I always wanted a lunchbox like this, as at home I often cook alot of salads but salads are quite messy to put in ordinary lunchboxes and once inside such lunchboxes, they no longer look appetizing to eat. However, this lunchbox has a green and white healthy theme going on it which would really complement the rich vibrant colours in salads. Also, the little salad sauce area is great addition, no longer would you need to add your dressing immediately when you make packed lunch. So no wet, awful salads for lunch no more! :3

Element cups !!!!:3

Periodic table, think everyone in a biochemistry lab should have one of these. Even if you don't drink hot drinks could be a nice pencil holder? ;D

Salt and pepper shakers.... OMG I LOVE THIS!!! ITS SOOO FUNKY!!! Haha i think anyone who uses conical flasks everyday would find these querky, or maybe find these disgusting in ways? For me I think they're so radical ;D

So these water stones left on your soiled plants will water your homegrown plants. No need to worry about the watering can again! Looks really cool as well, like a massive contact lense on the soil :O

I'm a big fan of stationary and as you can tell from my labbook blog from before I'm really into colour everywhere. These are just too cute with the pill theme going on. Love it <3

Something I probably would buy my child as an aspiring plant scientist :) Even to me this looks very fun as a 20 year old <3

This looks sooo funky!!! When I move house I'll probably buy something like this to put on my desk. I just like looking at plants its just ever so refreshing and part of our natural life :)

Awr, i thought this looked very adorable<3

A t shirt with all the % of elements inside the human body. Pretty nerdy to be honest but I would be impressed at anyone who wore such a thing. I would personally make friends :P

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