The Xanthophyll Cycle in Photosystem II

Monday, 7 July 2014

Start Week 7: Buffer Prep

Starting the week preparing my own set of BBY buffers. Oh the joy! *sarcasm*

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the lab but preparing buffers for your actual protocol can be quite mundane. The whole process is essentially weighing and measuring accurately the certain amount of chemicals you need in your buffers etc. A process you compare to actually conducting BBY or results analysis, just doesn't compare with the excitement driven adrenaline levels. Nevertheless, this whole process of buffer prep is crucial to the success of the actual protocol- to yield the desired results as predicted. So no matter how mundane this task may appear to be, disarray the entire buffer preparation and goodbye to your hard work you may spend on your protocol. Every gram, pH set for the buffer could honestly severely disrupt your results.

In short words, every single step matters in science.

Sometimes you may be lucky and a mistake could actually lead to a publication! However, only the ones who are prepared will ever find a success ridden mistake! One of my favourite quotes, clearly portraying such matter belongs to the wise words spoken by Louis Pasteur. Louis Pasteur being famously known for his discovery of vaccination~~~

True, wise words❤ 

Anyways here are some pictures from the day:

Following the instructions for buffer prep. My nice little printed out booklet stuck into my lab book, with the always needed concentration x volume calculation equations !

Cleaning the balance as indicated with the sign, the paint bush really gets to all the nook and cranny

The pH meter, an apparatus which I absolutely dislike using. It's quite slow with detecting the change in pH, so after you've added in your acid/alkali solution it may take like 5 minutes to actually reach it's real pH on the meter. It's definately the part of the buffer preparation which slows me down the most. All the other apparatus, I've gained a technique for being fast and efficient in using them :)

All my buffers completed, labeled and dated, proud to see completion :D

More labels~

MgCl2, used in the buffer prep to aid the further stacking of the thylakoids, to gain a large amount of PSII for analysis.

When normal purified water just won't do. There is always PURELAB! An ultra purified water dispenser. Looks very modern and fancy ;D

PURELAB homescreen. Literally all you need to do is press the bottom which my index finger is pressing.

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