The Xanthophyll Cycle in Photosystem II

Friday, 6 June 2014

Analysis of HPLC results

I had arranged to meet a friend after lab yesterday! Yes work hard and play hard ! Totally live by that motto~ as life is too short to 100% dedicate yourself to just work only. You need to enjoy yourself once in a while. There is more to life that just lab, university~ as much as I love learning and science. I am really big on being social and outgoing :)

So unfortunately didn't have the time to analyse, annotate and stick in my results into my beloved lab book. So I'm doing it this evening! Here are photos to show you a glimpse of what it's like to be in Jessica Lau's work space~ haha!

This is my study area in my room, complete with my whiteboard for writing ideas, revision etc~ I recently brought the exam desk table from amazon to make more study place. Before it was just the white corner desk that existed and I didn't really have enough study space, with having all the books, laptop, printer, notes out. I just like having easy access to everything, so this exam desk, which was only £15 was a great investment! I did consider getting a new desk in all but I really like the corner desk for storage and it fits nicely in the corner! I'm quite a interior designer, space saving idea filled individual myself. One of the best dates for me is if a guy took me to Ikea! Hahah~ I know you should never wish away your life but I actually cannot wait till I'm older, finally starting my career in the science world, where I can have my own place to decorate and make my own ^_^

Also with this new addition of an exam desk, I can shove all my boxes of notes underneath the corner desk as pictured, which before these boxes use to cover up a beautiful fireplace in my room! So win win! I am a true believer that you really should make your "study area" your own as studying is a happy thing :) Well for me anyways. I have inspiring notes on the walls of mine to keep me going through the tough days. Maybe I'll make a blog in the future about how I personally keep on studying for long hours and how the study area is my own place of zen! Yes, anyways so you can tell I've made this area a place of my own with my monster inc poster and cuddly toys~ which personally make me really happy~ you all should do too!

Lastly,the addition of a corkboad means I can pin important notes up rather than sticking them up with bluetack, which i really like! It's just easy to pin and its right infront of me for future references!

Printed all my results out! Now do you see what I mean that I have a larger study space surface area! It's great spreading everything out, being able to see everything! Before it was a real up time struggle and I hated putting things on the floor. I did try and get chairs from the dining room table and put the notes on that, but still they weren't in easy view of being on the table!

Nicely edited my results and compacted them so they would be easy to stick and read in my lab book!.
Close up on the graphs generated from HPLC~ seeing clearly what pigments we have. By calculating the area underneath the pigments you can obtain the amount of pigments in the complexes. There is already a generated excel file which we can place our values in which calculates it for us. Thanks to the scientist that worked before at Ruban's lab; making my life easier! Gosh, imagine doing all the calculations by hand, would take at least an hour!

Here's the results stuck in~ analysis with a lot of highlighters, pens, sticky notes~ Yes I am really big on colour. I think it's quite obvious from my study area in the room, it's quite colourful compared to a plain library study area. Colour excites my brain and helps me to visualise and learn~ I've always been a big visual learner :) Also it makes my beloved lab book (Yes I am dearly in love with my lab book because I've put so much time into it) so pretty to just view!
 Anyways~ Analysis of results should usually be done quite close to the experiment as you don't want to forget important information! If I have the time usually I prefer doing everything in the lab~!

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