The Xanthophyll Cycle in Photosystem II

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My beautiful lab book!

Today: Day 3 was basically preparing buffer solutions for our next run of repeating the experiment and using FPLC again! It was basically a two hour lab session, I asked many questions too~took many notes.

Anyways, today blog is about my beautiful lab book!~ Generally, I am an individual who likes organisation and neatness in life :)

When I first started this project, I was basically using an ordinary pukka pad, jotting very messy notes onto the pad. However, when I went back home I found that it was really hard to understand my scrawny notes and the organisation of the pages/ additional print out pages very messy. In general mess for me leads to stress!

So I went to my University stationary shop near the labs and brought a suitable lab book. I had chosen this one because it was mostly plain but I liked the stripes of colour down the main page. Also, as discussed with Pedra, lab books aren't meant to have pages which you can easily rip out.

My beautiful lab book! See what I mean it seems plain but the streaks of colours really attracted me towards this notebook! :) On the left, its Ruban's written photosynthetic membrane book! Really good read if you are in this field. He was written it in such a way that it is easy to understand, compared to alot of textbooks out there I have read. Also it is very concise, gets right to the point!

The importance of having an index page. Reminded from Pedra! Helps you easily locate experiments done! Organisation is the way forward!

So the outline for the 8 week studentship! Now I understand the general experiment just repeats, repeats, repeats with different variables! 

These are the instructions that I have made into booklet size so I can stick them into my lab book neatly. I really didn't like the A4 printout stable version of them before, they were messy to deal with, now that they are in booklet size, they fit nicely in my lab notes ^_^

Preview of my lab book, basically i really try writing in a neat manner when in labs! I just don't have the time to write it messy and rapidly first time, then copy them up after lab. I actually have a life outside lab too :P

These were rough pencil notes made about the equipment and experimental steps during day 2 when analysing results, I basically asked follow up questions to do with things that I wasn't sure about in the experiment!
To conclude! The neater and more organised your lab book is, the nicer it is to look back at it during repeating experiments step! As you can tell from the picture, because I have put so much time and effort into my lab book, it really is such a nice piece of art to visually look at/ read :)

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