The Xanthophyll Cycle in Photosystem II

Thursday, 19 June 2014

HPLC 2nd run!

So today we did HPLC runs on our BBY spinach collected fractions from FPLC performed yesterday, to analyse the pigments in PSII supercomplexes.

This is a microconcentrator which we place our medium in to aid concentrating it, by using a centrifuge. 

HPLC machine again :)

My favourite part is adding the labels to the vials for HPLC, its so intricate task, love it!

Pipetting our medium into the microconcentrator!

The white lids placed on the top of the ependorf tubes are filters, as discussed before we use syrines to inject our sample into the ependorf tube, this technique allows us to filter our medium! 
Went home and stuck in my results from HPLC from today's session. I wanted to edit the files to nicely fit in my lab book and the fact that the windows 2000 interface is just SO slow on the lab computer, makes more sense to do it at home.

Love my Pritt stick, its what makes my lab book so informative, sticking in all the files!

Results from #2 run of HPLC :)

I absolutely love my beloved red canon printer. Scans, copies, prints, duplex. Duplex is a big for me for lecture notes and it's ecofriendly to, save paper! I absolutely adore my printer to bits, haha !

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